About Boomslang iT

SUPER FUN COMPANY! We are gamers, and we provide a service to all gamers and PC enthusiasts. We know the best graphics and smooth 144 hz is what we dream and strive for, so we provide a space where enthusiasts can come together to buy and sell gently used Gaming Keyboards and GPUs to each other. Our goal is to always think of new ideas of how we can help your gaming experience. We love our consoles, mobile gaming units, and gaming PCs, however we understand that as games continue to come out faster year over year, it can hit our wallets hard. Here are Boomslang iT, we all can sell our unused hardware to get some cash to keep on gaming with new hardware and accessories!

Our Team

At Boomslang iT, we have a small team that is dedicated to running our service. Our HQ is in Charlotte, NC, but we provide our service to everyone across the US, and will be expanding soon! Gamers since SNES, plenty of levels completed, Hadouken’s fired, epic boss battles, and plenty of game over screens, we are gamers just like you. Whenever a new CPU or GPU came out, our mouths salivated, and we tried many ways to sell what we had to reinvest in new equipment. Thus the spawn of Boomslang iT. We created a service that's easy and quick to use for you.... to Boomslang to a new gaming upgrade! Boomslang iT!