Shipping Guidelines

We know….we know, when you order a new product, the most hated timeframe is the shipping of your new product. Especially when the shipping service says it will be 2 days, but ends up being 5! Here at Boomslang iT, we want to provide a smooth transaction between the buyer and seller, to ensure happy Boomslang members all throughout, please review the shipping guidelines and policies positioned below.

Shipping Procedure:
  1. Once the Buyer has provided payment, the Buyer will confirm the shipping address within their 'My Buying' tab of My Account's page.
  2. The Seller will contact the buyer through the messaging system and provide a date to when the item will be shipped. The Seller has 2 business days from time of payment for the item to be shipped to the buyer. 
  3. Once the item is shipped, the Seller will provide shipping service information and tracking information to the buyer within the 'My Selling' tab of 'My Account's' page.
  4. Finally the buyer receives the item, the buyer will communicate with the seller that the item has been received, and the sale is closed.

Shipping Requirements & Tips
    • Once payment has been sent to the seller, the seller has 2 business days to ship the item and provide shipping service and the tracking number to the buyer.
    • Each item shipped requires tracking to qualify for PayPal Seller Protection Program.
    • Any item that is sold at $750 or more requires signature confirmation in addition to tracking information to quality for PayPal Seller Protection Program.
    • You are able to send an item to an address that is not associated on your PayPal account, however it must be selected as the address to be shipped during the payment process through PayPal. Once the shipping address is confirmed during the payment process, that is the only address the seller is obligated to ship the item to. If there are any address issues, please contact the Boomslang It staff for further assistance.
    • If there are any issues between the buyer and seller, feel free to contact the Boomslang It staff for additional support.
    • All communication between the buyer and seller must occur on Boomslang iT website or on Paypal. Any communication outside of these two areas may receive limited or no support. 

Refund Procedure:
        1. If the Buyer wishes to return the item, first the Buyer must confirm that the Seller has stated they will receive a refund for the item that was purchased, also ensure the item is still within the refund window. 
        2. The Buyer will communicate with the Seller through Boomslang It that they wish to complete a refund. The Seller will confirm received of the communication. 
        3. The Buyer will open a dispute with PayPal regarding the transaction, and further communication regarding the refund will continue through PayPal. This is record all conversations between the Buyer and Seller during a refund in case of any issue arises. 
        4. The Buyer receives shipping address of the Seller, ships the item back at the expense of the Buyer. Tracking is required, and signature confirmation is required for items $750 or more. 
        5. Once the Seller receives the item, the Seller clicks the refund button to send the funds back to the Buyer. 

  • If an issue arises, the Buyer will raise the dispute into a claim with PayPal, at this state PayPal will engage in the conversation between the Buyer and Seller to find a resolution. 

PayPal Seller Protection Program

PayPal is the final decision maker when issues arise between a Buyer and Seller. Ensuring the Buyer and Seller follow the steps and tips provided above is key to ensure all parties are protected under the Buyer and Seller Protection Program. Within the program PayPal provides support to both parties equally, and will provide the best solution for the situation. Please ensure to document all communication between yourself and the Buyer/Seller and have it available to provide to Boomslang It and PayPal for when the need arises.